Drug tests and criminal background checks

Pre-Employment Drug Screening Test

There are several types of drug testing that a company can use. Hair specimen analysis, on-site oral fluid screens and breath alcohol tests are alternative options. All of these tests are designed to screen for a multitude of illicit substances, with the urine and hair sample testing able to look for for up to 10 different classifications of illegal drugs. As of publication, seven states plus the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana use.

Background Checks

One stop for all of the solutions that you need to meet your requirements. Department of Homeland Security. Below, our drug screening experts give our readers the scoop. Federal law had different standards about drug and alcohol testing. You should remember that licensing boards for certain health care professions may deny, suspend or revoke a license, or may deny an individual the opportunity to sit for an examination if it is determined that an applicant has a criminal history or has been convicted of, or pleads guilty to, or pleads nolo contendere or the like to a felony or other serious crime.

In fact, due to the number permitting medicinal or limited-medicinal usage, only seven states have no legalization law on the books at all. Marijuana use remains illegal under federal judgment in the U. What does that mean for you?

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Marijuana is still considered a Schedule I controlled substance under the federal Controlled Substances Act, putting it on par with such drugs as heroin and ecstasy. Some companies will still hire or keep on an employee after the applicant tests positive, but it is a low percentage.

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Often, if the employer does decide to pursue an applicant who tested positive, he or she would be hired on a probationary basis or need to retest at a later date. Successful companies utilize pre-employment screening to ensure they are not only hiring a qualified applicant, but also gaining an employee who is a good investment for their brand.

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Find out what goes into drug tests here. Tammy Cohen, an industry pioneer and expert in identity and employment screening, founded InfoMart 30 years ago. She was most recently the first-to-market with a fully compliant sanctions search, as well as a suite of identity services that modernizes talent onboarding. Tammy revolutionized the screening industry when she stepped into the field, developing the first client-facing application and a due diligence criminal search that has since become standard for all background screening companies.

InfoMart has been revolutionizing the global background and identity screening industry for 30 years, providing businesses the information they need to make informed hiring decisions. They develop innovative technology that modernizes talent onboarding, including a first-to-market biometric identity authentication application and a verified sanctions search.

Moreover, you have access to real-time updates throughout the entire process, including status updates. If you choose and have an extensive test population, Trusted Employees is able to coordinate drug screens on site i.

Don’t Fear an Employment Drug Test

We know your hiring managers and employees have very busy schedules, so we created an on-site drug screening option. Trusted Employees has Medical Review Officers MROs who review and verify results to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process. Our MRO services enhance the reliability and validity of your drug screening results by making sure proper protocols were followed throughout the testing process.

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