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The United States Attorney's Office is proud to represent the federal law enforcement interests of the people of New Jersey and the country. The office is responsible for the prosecution of federal criminal statutes for all of New Jersey, from acts of terrorism to public corruption, white-collar crime, organized crime and gang activities, internet-related crimes, drug importation through New Jersey ports, and many other criminal acts.

Complaints & Reports

The Office also is charged, through its Civil Division, with defending agencies of the United States, enforcing regulatory agencies' authority, and recovering funds from violators of U. It is a major, persistent undertaking that brings together the vast and experienced resources of the Office's Assistant United States Attorneys and Special Assistant United States Attorneys, as well as some of the finest federal investigative agencies and agents found anywhere in the United States - the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, U.

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Postal Inspection Service, U. In addition, it is noted that offenders on Work Release , Furlough , or in a Residential Community Program are visible to the public and these types of releases are not necessarily reflected in their profile.

Department of State

State of New Jersey > Government > NJ State Government > Employee Phone Directory. Fill in just "governor" and you will find the phone numbers you need. For example, a search for "tax" will match "Judiciary Tax Court", "Treasury - Revenue Taxpayer Notice of Adjustment", and "Treasury - Taxation Abandoned Property". To check the area code, entered the phone number.

Therefore, the information on this site may not reflect the true current location, status, release date or other information regarding an offender. It should also be noted that the records of offenders who have been paroled or released are not updated after they leave the custody of the correctional facility, therefore, no presumption should be made that any offender listed as paroled from a correctional facility remains under active parole supervision. The three primary House office buildings—Cannon, Longworth and Rayburn—share a room numbering system for above-ground rooms that might confuse visitors at first.

New Jersey’s top lawmaker discusses tense state budget begotiations with Gov. Phil Murphu

The system is fairly straight forward and can be used to identify most member and committee offices merely by knowing the correct room number regardless of building. All Cannon above-ground rooms are three digits.

NJ Division of Elections

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As you would expect, the first digit indicates the floor level. For example, Cannon is on the 3rd floor.

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All above-ground Longworth rooms are four digits and start with the number 1. The second digit from the left indicates the floor.

For example, is on the third floor of the Longworth building.