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The Urban Legend Phone Call of Death

Plan to build massive new neighbourhood moving forward in Mississauga.

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Kanda Sushi Japanese Buffet. Recent Top 5. Top 5 Dosas in Mississauga. This, I kid you not, is what I saw cue sinister music : "Unknown Name.

SHOULD I CALL 999-999-9999?!?

What are the odds? I punched in my voicemail code.

This is what I heard raise volume on sinister music :. This is a friendly reminder from Blockbuster.


Mystery solved. Apparently, Blockbuster Video uses the same caller ID spoofing technology employed by collection agencies, unscrupulous telemarketers, and not a few con artists to prevent recipients of their calls from knowing who's on the other end of the line. Mundane, but true. I gather the practice is becoming increasingly common. Not only did I survive the "phone call of death," I am relieved to say, but as it turns out my Blockbuster Video account is in perfectly good standing.

The deadbeat they were trying to get in touch had given them the wrong phone number. One day he will receive a mysterious call Update: In April , panic erupted in Pakistan and parts of the Middle East and Africa after emails circulated warning mobile phone users against accepting calls from certain numbers lest they be subjected to a high-frequency signal that could cause brain hemorrhage and death.

Authorities ruled the warnings a hoax. Forwarded emails and text messages warn mobile phone users not to accept calls from certain numbers which allegedly transmit a high-frequency signal causing brain hemorrhage and death.

Keep getting phone calls from Rogers Telemarketers with phone # 1-999-999-9999

Please, don't pick any call with its instant death after the call, 7 people have died already. These numbers come in red colors. U may get brain hemorrhage due to high frequency.

The Phone Call of Death: 999-999-9999

Its very important news for all of you. Do not pick up calls Under given numbers.

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  • 999-999-9999.

These numbers will come in red color, if the calls comes up from these numbers. Its with very high wave length, and frequency. But if you go to messaging and select all contacts you can see all numbers , weird.

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I punched in my voicemail code. Information and links in this thread may no longer be available or relevant. I suspect, to spite my question, our laws do not apply abroad. At other times, they show up as the actual number that calls me. Computer ] by donoreo I took my husbands phone 2 weeks ago. Without the help from the industries telcom making money off these guys they will have a dif time of it.

The blackberry could not send it at all and this was on T-Mobile. If you are sending a text message, normally you are sending to someone you know. For all other calls I leave my number blocked. However the PRE recognizes the number are for the same person and links the profiles.

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