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Ask your local police to give you a copy of the information they hold about you - CRB check, DBS check, proof of identity. How can I find out what information is held on my police record? The Subject Access provisions of the Data Protection Act give individuals the right to have.

You can use an NZ Post mail box. If you use a DX mail box your mail will get to us faster external link. You can scan your form and ID and email them to us. You can send it as a: pdf, jpg, tif, png, doc or docx file.

How to Request Your New York State Criminal History

We aim to send you your record within 20 working days. This is from the date we get your form.

This calculates the maximum time limit within which a response must be sent. You will need to fill in a new form. This is also the case if you change the date after you first fill in the form.

US criminal Records

However, sometimes you need to give your full record, including convictions that have been concealed. For example, you might need a full record when you are:.


Find out more about the Clean Slate scheme and concealing convictions. Some countries may ask for your record to be authenticated or Apostille-certified confirmed as genuine. In this case you should send the record you get from us to the Department of Internal Affairs Apostille service.

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If you make your request verbally, we recommend you follow it up in writing to provide a clear trail of correspondence. It will also provide clear evidence of your actions.

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Essentially this legislation allows individuals to move on from their convictions and ensure that they are not socially and economically disadvantaged for the rest of their lives after serving their crimes. Turn on Animations. Crime Classifications: According to the criminal justice system, there are felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions-of which there are further classifications of crime-determined by the serious nature of the crime and the amount of harm incurred as a result. This is often free and is helpful to see what is listed on your criminal record to make sure that it's not inaccurate or incomplete. This timeframe does not include mail time. Rate 4. Michigan Ave.

You might not want all the personal data that the organisation holds about you. It may respond more quickly if you explain this and identify the specific data you want. Please supply the data about me that I am entitled to under data protection law relating to: [give specific details of the data you want, for example:.

It may be helpful for you to know that data protection law requires you to respond to a request for data within one calendar month. If you do not normally deal with these requests, please pass this letter to your Data Protection Officer, or relevant staff member. Its website is ico. You can ask an organisation for access more than once. You cannot request personal data that forms part of a judicial decision or in documents relating to an investigation or proceedings which have been created by or on behalf of a court of other judicial authority.

This is because there are other access routes through which you can obtain this information — the Criminal Procedure Rules - which govern the disclosure of material for cases going through the court process.

Request a Criminal History Record

The law also allows the police to withhold information in some circumstances. In addition, the police may also have to edit the information they send you to remove information about other people. If you are unhappy with how the organisation has handled your request, you should first make a complaint to it. Having done so, if you remain dissatisfied you can make a complaint to the ICO.

What Is Included?

You can also seek to enforce your rights through the courts. If you decide to do this, we strongly advise that you seek independent legal advice first. Your right to access does not cover criminal records checks for employment purposes, known as a DBS check previously a CRB check.

If a criminal records check is required for your work then your employer should explain how to apply for this appropriately. If you have any concerns about the accuracy of personal data on your DBS certificate, you can raise this with the DBS. This could include incorrect personal details, incorrect conviction information or other discrepancies.

Where to get a police certificate for your green card application

See the DBS website for more information. If the inaccuracy relates to an offence you did not commit, this would have to be raised with the local police force. Data Protection legislation allows organisations to share personal information if it is needed to prevent or detect a crime, or to catch and prosecute a suspect.