Alabama divorce and cobra insurance

All About COBRA Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act was a comprehensive health care reform law that went into effect in March This law provides people with subsidies that lower health care costs for households. For those that have a chronic illness, it is illegal for companies to refuse coverage based on pre-existing health conditions.

You will qualify for a special enrollment period if you have experienced a qualifying life event, such as a divorce, marriage or the birth of a child. Under the affordable care act, divorcing may save money for both parties through subsidies on their Obamacare policy.


Meaning the burden of cost is heavier on a two-person family than on two single people. As a result, there is a financial benefit to getting a divorce or never getting married. Medical coverage from a spouse can sometimes last way beyond the length of the marriage itself. A former marriage may help you obtain government-sponsored Medicare if you are divorced and approaching the age where you qualify.

It is important to understand Medicare after a Divorce.

Medicare is a health insurance plan that is offered by the federal government for people over 65, or for some younger individuals who have certain disabilities. A person will generally qualify for Medicare at the age of 65 if they worked for the equivalent of 10 years and qualify for Social Security. There are some conditions that will need to be met for qualification:.

Health Insurance during a Separation

These plans charge premiums. Medigap policies are individual plans; if a couple divorced, they would not necessarily need to change coverage. Term life is an inexpensive way to provide the safety net. You choose the term, such as 5, 10, 20 or 30 years, and the amount of coverage you need when you get life insurance quotes.

Do you know your options for healthcare insurance should you divorce?

HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE AND DIVORCE IN BIRMINGHAM. Health insurance is an extremely valuable thing, but maintaining adequate coverage can. Alabama COBRA (Health Insurance Continuation) federal, national and state victim of domestic abuse and who lose coverage because of divorce, separation, .

Once the term ends, the coverage ends. If there are no ongoing financial obligations as part of a divorce agreement, then it may make sense to remove an ex-spouse as a beneficiary on an existing life insurance policy. The odds of becoming disabled for 90 days or more are greater than dying before retirement. Couples should plan for disability insurance before the divorce is final, the American Institute of CPAs says.

State Laws on Insurance Continuation

You can keep your health insurance after divorce if you have your own coverage. You have a few options:. Let the insurer know about your divorce, and remove your ex as a driver on a policy you keep under your name.

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Shopping around for the best deal is especially important because you may lose discounts you had before, such as price breaks for being married and insuring multiple cars with one company. Teen drivers? The only way to make sure is to check with your car insurance companies.

Let your home insurance company know if one of you moves out during the separation. Vulcan's View, Birmingham by Trish Hartmann.

Everything you need to know about COBRA

Both insurers filed rates that are lower than last year. Forty-three percent of those enrollees were new to the exchange for For , enrollment declined to , Enrollment declines were widespread for in states that use HealthCare. Alabama has not accepted federal funding to expand Medicaid under the ACA.

An estimated , Alabamans would gain coverage if the state were to accept federal funding to expand the program. In , the federal government pays 94 percent of the cost of Medicaid expansion, and that will drop to 90 percent by , remaining at that level going forward. That means short-term plans are allowed to have initial terms up to days, and total duration — including renewal — of up to 36 months.

3 Myths Regarding Divorce and Health Insurance

Read more about short-term health insurance in Alabama. According to US Census data , the uninsured rate in Alabama in was The national uninsured rate was 8.

Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby both voted no on the law while six Alabama representatives voted no in the House.