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If you take the preferred path and choose to mediate first , you would hire a private divorce mediation service like ours, typically before you file with the courts. Together, we would guide you through our comprehensive mediation process where we'd identify, discuss, negotiate and resolve all of the issues surrounding your divorce privately, confidentially and without the use of family law attorneys, if you so choose.

That's easy. For couples with no children or grown children, there are two main issues that the parties spouses need to resolve in an Illinois divorce. For couples with minor children, there are four:. In Illinois, issues of the allocation of parental responsibilities and determination of timesharing must be agreed upon by the parties and drafted into the parenting plan. Because there is very little guidance on how to create a balanced and effective parenting plan, the help of an experienced, professional and neutral third party divorce mediator is critical in this very gray area.

How child support is determined varies greatly state-by-state, and can be changed from year-to-year. In fact, in July of , Illinois made a major change to its Illinois child support guidelines.

Previously, Illinois used something called the "percentage of obligers income model" whereby a flat percentage of the paying party's net income was given to the recipient spouse based on the number of children the parties had together. Now, Illinois is using an "income shares" model which uses a number of factors to determine a basic child support amount, and allocates a portion of that amount to each parent. Much like with the previous model, it is non-taxable, and the basic child support amount in Illinois excludes a number of other "extraordinary expenses" such as college and extra-curricular activities which must be negotiated separately.

And given how infrequently some websites update their information, you risk making costly mistakes not only because this is a very complex issue to begin with, but also if it turns out you used an out-of-date calculator. In Illinois, the payment of money from one ex-spouse to another is called maintenance.

Illinois Divorce Mediation & Equitable Mediation FAQ's:

Some states refer to this as alimony, spousal maintenance or spousal support. Maintenance in Illinois is different from child support in that it is to be used by the recipient spouse to assist with their expenses and not the children's.

When is mediation required in a Chicago, Illinois divorce case?

But like with child support, there is an Illinois maintenance guideline which was issued by the state in in an attempt to normalize maintenance awards throughout the state. Guidelines for maintenance are rare in the US, with only a handful of states having one.

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Now, just because there is a guideline to determine maintenance in Illinois, it doesn't mean it's useful in all situations. In fact, there are significant limitations to the Illinois Maintenance Guidelines. That's why we help our client couples negotiate and come to agreement on an amount and duration of maintenance they each find fair without the use of the Illinois maintenance guideline.


And we've been doing so with great success for years. You can choose to deviate from the guideline if you both agree to do so.

And that's where having an experienced Illinois divorce mediator with a financial background to guide you really comes in handy. To learn more about how maintenance works in Illinois, please read: Determining Alimony in Illinois. Equitable distribution is the process by which divorcing couples divide their marital assets and liabilities.

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And is typically the last issue a mediating couple will need to discuss and resolve in their Illinois divorce. Illinois is an equitable distribution state.

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Explore all the Divorce Mediation Program Courses for detail on the program's offerings. Mediators may work for themselves, or be appointed by courts to settle disputes. Judges, attorneys and social workers can further their career or start a new one with this program as a cornerstone. Read more on the Careers in Divorce Mediation page.