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Grant expected to help settle stewardships. February 13, Land apportioned to those who are farmers.

February 16, Received a carload of flour, pounds, cost 3. March 21, Attended meeting in the evening. Speakers Udall, H. Grant, and Young. They spoke on the Word of Wisdom very strong. July 2, The mower, reaper, and sulky rake allotted to J.

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Hansen and John Bushman. August 25, Came to Sunset. President Lot Smith, Jesse N. Smith, Hunt, and Hatch. President L. Smith presented general church officers and stake officers and named this place Wilford. September September 26, Made molasses. October 1, Started to Salt Lake City by rail. October 6, Attended conference. George Q. Cannon and Wilford Woodruff spoke. Total of , souls in the church.

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November 2, Visited the Deseret News printing press and the electric light manufacturing plant. November 9, Visited Brigham Young Academy. President Smoot and counselors were there. December 7, Arrived back at St. Wife Mary ill. February 24, St. Joseph brethren settled up their business with Sunset.

They found they owned about one sixth of all the joint businesses. Some wanted to draw out their shares. February 25, President Smith wished them to work together and not draw apart. April 20, Business meeting at Sunset. Cooley was going to Prescott to testify against polygamists.

November 19, Went to Albuquerque to meet wife Mary returning from Utah. November 20, Visited the Indian school in Albuquerque, partly supported by the U. December 7, Bushman is advised to leave Arizona "as the officers would soon be after me also. Smith, L. Hatch, J.

Fish, J.

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Standifird, and Bushman started down the river. January 1, J.

Smith and L. Hatch took the train to Salt Lake City. Standifird and Bushman drove the teams. January 5, "Came to S.

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A large collection of free online genealogy resources for research of Arizona genealogy: cemeteries, San Luis Takes Its Place in Arizona's History – The Migrant Worker Experience Interview conducted by Kevin Solomon on December 9, .. Images of county marriage records acquired from county courthouses. Switch to default table view. Last Name; First Names; MI; ADC#; Received; Other Information. BABAJIAN; GEORGE; ; 06/15/ BABAJIAN; LOUIS.

City with Bro. Met with Pres. Asked for assistance for the brethren sent to prison in Arizona. He said we were to do all we could and then the Church would help us out. July 5, Bushman's wife Mary died. December 31, Bushman reviewed the year and gave thanks to God that he is at peace with all mankind.

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January 26, Closed up the woolen mill. February 8, Organized an irrigation board. June 14, Organized a company to move the Sunset mill. Tenney to superintend the work. August 10, Young, Snow, and Teasdale instructed the company to organize a committee to settle the Sunset U. Committee: John Bushman, Thomas W. Brook-bank, David Udall, H. Burk, and F. August 11, Burk, Nielson, and Bushman went to the Sunset dairy to appraise stock and equipment.

August 14, At Sunset repaired corrals, "cropping sheep," and "marking cattle. There were 2, head. Smith made a proposition that he would give us the committee head of cattle and 20 saddle horses and all the property and debts and he would keep the horses, sheep, dairy, Brookbank Spring and Grapevine ranch Appraised property. September 12, ".

We talked of a sad charge against Lot Smith.

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December 7, "Committee met. Smith credit for all the property he had given to him while working in the Order and allowed him dollars a year for working and let him have the sheep at 2. Called [culled? Counted the sheep 2, January 10, Attended an Order meeting. Arranged prices on produce and did some other business. February , Worked on schoolhouse. June 3, Worked on Sunset U.

Company's settlement. June 12, "All my family went to the field and we dedicated our crops and lands to the Lord and thanked him for his care over us to the present. August 29, September 26, Busy with the settlement of U. Lot Smith abusive. December 18, Bushman ordained bishop of St. January 20, Met with the U. Committee appointed to settle St. Joseph U. Hansen, and J. February 1, Bushman gave lecture on the blessings of plural marriage. September 19, Bushman served on jury. October 1, ACMI incorporated. August 19, Filed on land at St. October 1, Left for a visit to Salt Lake City.

October 10, Went to see about the Sunset U. Reported on the U.

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November 8, Visited with cousin Emma Lee. She seemed very bitter. January 28, Visited the academy in Snowflake. Pleased with the way it was conducted. February 13, Appointed watermaster for the year. June 1, Worked on dam. From ten to twenty-five men and boys working. Some from Snowflake.