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While kings could conquer lands and knights could rescue damsels in distress from the clutches of dragons, could they restore the spiritual incompleteness of their souls? That was the challenge. This was the Grail quest. Tales of the Holy Grail cannot be separated from ideas such as knightly chivalry and courtly love. Knightly chivalry represented the highest ideals in a warrior: he fought not for personal fame or glory or earthly power, but in the service of a king, preferably a Christian king, to protect the weak and defend his righteous order.

Courtly love was a subversive concept that crept into French literature around the 12th century AD, that challenged the unquestioning obedience of knights by proclaiming the glory of love.


The Holy Grail offers a deep insight into the Christian worldview. One night, he gains entry into the Grail castle. We will continue this review in our next issue and will also highlight the ultimate "code" that remains hidden behind the novel, The Da Vinci Code. By returning to the ancient Syriac, a Middle Eastern literary language from the 4th to 8th centuries, they claimed they were able to read the entire text and decode its meaning. The vision was an invitation to find the lost Grail. Da Vinci explains how he has incorporated both in the figure of Christ. The book also claims there was a previously unknown plot on Jesus's life when he was 20 and an assassination attempt on Mary and her children.

While obedience of the knights respected the rules of society, love challenged all rules and demanded satisfaction. Courtly love was at once adulterous and pure.

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Local bards known as troubadours, inspired by Arabic poetry, sang songs of this forbidden love between a knight and a lady of high rank, who invariably was married to someone else, often the king. The love consequently was either unrequited or could not be consummated. Yet the knight loved her. He fought for her. Even died for her.

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The suffering, the struggle against temptation, the heartache of sin, inspired soulful lyrics moving people greatly. She was Mary, Mother of God. There were whispers across Europe.

enter The questions gripped the imagination of the people. The most popular manifestation of this imagination was the story of Arthur and the knights of the Round Table. The tale, based on Celtic legends, is rich in Christian symbols.

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The round table represents the round table around which Christ was supposed to have his last supper. Around it were 13 chairs, for the 12 apostles and Christ. The 13th chair, the unlucky chair, represented for some Jesus, and for others, the traitor, Judas. Anyone else who dared sit on this chair died instantly. Only a true knight, not the bravest or the smartest, but the one who was spiritually pure, would find the Grail and make Camelot paradise on earth.

In effect, Arthur was the wounded Fisher-king, wounded because beneath the material prosperity of his land lurked dark secrets of spiritual failure. Born out of wedlock, he was raised by his father, Ser Piero, and several stepmothers.

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Leonardo di ser da Vinci became accomplished as a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. It depicts the dramatic moment when Jesus tells the apostles that one of them will betray him soon.

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As a result, the masterpiece began to deteriorate during his lifetime and has undergone an extensive restoration. Did Da Vinci knowingly embed secret codes into his paintings?

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Prophet Daniel did say that in our day knowledge would increase. Jesus told us that everything hidden would be revealed. Take a look at the video clips below. There are some fascinating revelations seems to be embedded, you decide. If so, what are the hidden notes and lyrics? Check out the video at the end of the article.

Be Amazed!!! Thirdly, relating a fruit to a planet is stretching a premise to begin with; the fact that the puzzle is solved through this fatuous symbolism only further illustrates how the church can sell provincial fables from Israel as Holy Writ. If Christian leaders educated themselves in fallacies of this nature, they might be able to make compelling arguments against the media they fear so irrationally.

But in believing they have found Truth — and hold a monopoly on it — they stop searching for it. Why are we inculcated to believe this insanity?!

In a movie that trumpets its heresy, who is it trying to appeal to with its eleventh-hour recant? Your email address will not be published. Director: Ron Howard.