Epa hazardous id number waste

Hazardous Waste Identification (ID) Numbers

e-Manifest (electronic version of the Manifest form)

You must register as an industry user in myRCRAid before completing an initial notification or updating an existing U. EPA ID number.

Managing Hazardous Waste

After generators produce a hazardous waste, transporters may move the waste to a facility that can recycle, treat, store or dispose of the waste. EPA of their regulated waste activities. Submit a request. If you are not clear as to whether you operate on one site or multiple sites please contact DTSC at or email idnumber dtsc. The hazardous waste management program uses the term solid waste to denote something that is a waste. The type of ID number you need to obtain is determined by the type and quantity of waste you generate.

Detailed instructions regarding regulated waste notifications may be found at the following link. Please note that submitting paper notifications will significantly increase processing time.

North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality

You must determine which generator classification is correct for your installation. LQGs must also submit annual reports.

When submitting an initial notification in myRCRAid, we may ask for a fee invoice contact and address. Subsequent notifications that update a status to LQG will also require a fee invoice contact and address.

EPA ID Number Verification Questionnaire

SQGs are not subject to Generator fees. If your installation changes locations, a new notification is required and you will receive a new ID number. You may not use your old ID number for your new location. If your installation changes generator categories, mailing address, contact person, etc. If your installation changes ownership, a subsequent notification must be entered into myRCRAid before the new owner uses the ID number. The type of ID number you need to obtain is determined by the type and quantity of waste you generate.

Why do I need a Hazardous Waste EPA ID Number?

Temporary EPA ID numbers are issued to people or businesses who do not routinely generate hazardous waste. They are used for one time or short duration events, such as the following:. Temporary ID numbers are valid for 90 days and cannot be renewed.

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California-only waste is commonly known as non-RCRA waste. Examples of non-RCRA hazardous waste are used oil or universal waste. Examples of universal waste are fluorescent lamps, batteries, and mercury waste.

Apply for a Hazardous Waste Identification Number

Household hazardous waste ID numbers can only be obtained by a government employee, not a contractor or consultant. Permanent HHW ID numbers are used for collection events reoccurring at the same site on a regular basis, such as once every days or used for a collection site that is always open, such as a garbage facility. Temporary HHW ID numbers are used for a one-time collection event and will be inactivated after 90 days.

How to Obtain an EPA Identification Number

Federal regulations require large and small quantity generators of hazardous waste to obtain an EPA Identification (EPA ID) number using EPA. Also, these instructions will assist in obtaining an EPA Identification (ID) of VSQGs Hazardous Wastes; Addendum to the Site Identification.

For one-time single collection events, also write the date of the event along with the event name, if any, at the top of the application. Please email the completed application to idnumber dtsc. If the event is a door-to-door event, then the site location address will be the address of the consolidation site or the address of the government agency. Emergency hazardous waste EPA identification ID numbers are issued for emergencies involving hazardous waste, such as a spill or a clandestine lab cleanup.