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Make sure you are on time for your appointment or it will have to be rescheduled. We suggest that you use one of the other branch locations as they are less busy and easier to get an appointment. El Centro County Clerk.

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Orange County Clerk. Riverside County Clerk. The regular public marriage license and the confidential license can be used in ANY county in California. The confidential license requires the Bride and Groom to swear under penalty of perjury that they are presently living together. The regular public marriage license and the confidential marriage license are both legally binding once a ceremony is performed and the documents are recorded.

Certified copies of the regular public marriage license can be obtained by the public. The same criteria for identification, proof of previous ending of a relationship, and getting certified copies of the marriage license apply to the confidential marriage license:.

A formal request in person with valid identification is required or you can obtain it through the mail after having the request notarized. Different counties may have a different fee so be sure to send correct amount if mailing. Getting your certified copy in the mail can be of short duration or as long as weeks depending on how quickly each county processes their documents. Searches can be conducted by city, address, zip code, county or name.

Individuals can also conduct location-based searches to reveal sex registrants living nearby. Interested parties must sign a form attesting to their age and residency status. They must also provide a California picture ID.

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Members of the public can search for a list of sex registrants by zip code. Searches reveal the pictures and names of registered sex offenders as well as the crime for which they were convicted. However, it does NOT provide their address.

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It also provides an online inmate locator that individuals can use to find adult inmates held by the CDCR. Information on some inmates may be kept from the public for safety or security reasons.

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Additionally, information on recently admitted inmates may be unavailable for several days until the portal is updated. The CDCR also provides an interactive online facility locator. The Superior Court of San Diego provides a searchable online index of cases being held in the court. Individuals can also request a copy of a file or view the file directly at the courthouse. In keeping with the California Rules of Court , all court records—unless confidential or sealed by law—are public records and open to public inspection.

To obtain a copy of a court file by mail, requesters will need the case number and location of the courthouse.

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Mailed requests must also be accompanied by the appropriate fee, the names of the parties involved, and the names of the documents. Mail requests must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Requests by mail may take several weeks to process. To request a copy in person, visit the courthouse where the file is located and provide the clerk with the case number. Individuals without a case number will need to search the public index to find the right case.

In addition to the case number, requestors must provide a picture identification card. Acceptable payment options include check, money order, cash, or credit card. Upon confirmation of payments, the court provides a pick-up date or contacts the requestor when the search has been completed. Results may be provided within the same day or take longer than two court days.

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The San Diego Superior Court manages records for divorces that occur in the county. To get a certified copy of a final divorce decree, interested parties must provide the connected case number.

Case numbers can be found in three different ways:. By searching online. The court maintains an online index that includes divorces filed after Searches can be made for a case number using the party name.

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This office maintains marriage records only for marriage licenses issued in the County of San Diego. If a non-confidential license San Diego, CA Get official San Diego County CA marriage certificates online. Securely order CA marriage records from VitalChek.

Mailed requests for divorce records must include a stamped self-addressed envelope with enough postage to have the copies delivered.